Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greetings from Cincinnati!

Courtesy David Ziser
Hey gang...

Well this is it, as promised my big month end surprise! I'm in Cincinnati this week studying under one of my heroes and renowned wedding and portrait photographer David Ziser. Many of you know about David from my classes, as I've referred you to his blog many times. Well I have the incredibly fortunate opportunity to be spending the week with David at his Master's Class here in Cincinnati. I'm all geeked up about it, and really looking forward to the opportunity. I'll be blogging all week from the class and sharing what David gives me permission to share. The following is from David's blog last week as it pertains to the class and why I'm so excited to be going.
We are getting closer to my Master Class next week and everything is about ready to go. We are putting the final tweaks on the class workbooks and CD, printing up a few new samples - LaDawn makes me do this every workshop - got to keep things fresh you know, and wrapping the class schedule.

I am thrilled with our first location for our shoot on Monday. We have permission to shoot at Plum Street Temple - one of the most beautiful sanctuary's in the world. It is the third largest Reformed Jewish temple in the world. It is simply magnificent and should be a kick for the class to see. But, hey, I'll keep you updated on that next week...
The image at the top of this post is the temple he's talking about! Stay tuned next week!

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