Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 1 - David Ziser's Digital Master's Class

This is Sarah, our model for the class. She's a trooper parading around in front of 25 photographers snapping photos as fast as possible while soaking in all David is telling us.

So, how's class? One word.....

WOW!!! It's 10:00 pm as I'm typing this and I'm just getting back to the room! What a day! First let me say that David is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Down to earth and willing to show/assist/tell you anything - often with a little joke that makes class so easily attentive. We began this morning at 9:30am with introductions from everyone in the class. There are people from all over. My table mates (and so far car mates) are from California and Chicago. Nice guys and we're all getting to know each other. Anyway, we start with intros and then David tells us a little bit about what makes the difference is being different. In other words, what can we do/offer that is different from the competition. We then set out to the temple in last Saturday's post and if you think it looks awesome in the picture, you should see it in person. We worked the room learning how David would view the room and he shot wireless throwing the images up on a portable screen display for us all to chimp back and forth. We could then try the same shots using David's recipe.

From there we headed up to Dree's Pavilion. It's Cincinnati's most popular reception spot and from the view seen above - you can certainly see why. Again, we learned more about how to compose and pose and got some really incredible shots. Some of which I can't show you until later. Then the skies opened up and chased us from the scene. But all was not lost as we then headed to David's house beer/wine/pizza and a review of the day's shots on a giant 10' screen and got to see David edit images and then send downstairs to his in-house printing room where we printed several 24x36 prints. As I started this post....WOW!!!

More as we go, I gotta catch my breath, unload about 677 images I took today, download the mp3 audio file from my voice recorder to the laptop, recharge all my batteries, get some sleep, etc. etc. etc. See you tomorrow...

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