Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 2 - David Ziser's Digital Master's Class

Well, once again it's 10pm and I'm just getting to the room. I'm so mentally and physically spent I can't explain. Let me see if I can recap the day.

Before I go too far, go over and read David's post from yesterday and see if you recognize anyone mentioned there! My wife's bound to get a kick out of me going to someone's house and fixing his PC! He's says I'm going to get linked from his site this week, so we'll see. Guess I'm going to have to start producing some better posts! Here's the link... here

We met at 9:00 again and headed over to the Marriott in downtown Cincinnati. We were given full run of the place and it was very nice. The lobby was up on the 5th floor and had a grand cathedral ceiling with an incredible gazebo type pavilion in the center with a spiral staircase. We shot Sarah, the bride, all up and down the steps and draped all over the gazebo railings and marble columns. There were two large waterfalls in the lobby too that we used to shoot the groom, Pat. Looking for repeating columns and nice compositions, we shot all over the hotel. They also set up a mini "reception" that we could shoot the bows, candles, table settings etc. David taught us how to work the room. Then we had reservations in the hotel cafe over looking the river right across from Paul Brown Stadium. After lunch we continued working the lobby and the gazebo. Around 3pm we headed up to the Presidential Suite on the 15th floor. There were unbelievable shots from an unbelievable location. I shot a nice pano out on the terrace.

We then headed over to the convention center and shot nice window lighting shots and some more repeating pattern shots with columns and windows. After security chased us out after 5:oo pm, and no I'm not kidding, we headed over to Ault Park and shot some more nice outdoor shots with off camera flash. The image above was from the park and we shot there until the sun gave up it's light and half my classmates had hit the wall from exhaustion.

Tomorrow we get to Photoshop the images and get our colors correct. I can't wait to show you the images we get from there. I've been saving the best until we get all the magic working. Sorry I'm not explaining too much - I'm just too tired.

I have some great ideas for future posts though. In talking with several folks here, I've discovered what some of my fellow photographer's are thinking and wondering about, and I happen to know something about! So, it's giving me ideas of things to talk about!

More tomorrow!


mifon said...


I'm hanging on every word regarding Ziser's Master Class. I want so badly to attend David's classes!! It's so great reading your comments from a student's viewpoint. Please continue and don't miss a moment in your Blog comments. BTW, from your Blog I learned of the Lexar rebates and promptly ordered some. Thank you, Thank you. I plan on adding your Blog to my "Favorites" and returning often.

Mike Fondren
Fondren Photography
Nashville TN

Chris Barnes said...

Thanks Mike! I hope to not disappoint!