Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photoshop World - Reason #4 To Go!

The Expo

OK, I've listed several reason so far, and if all those classes, parties and events weren't reason enough, Photoshop World also hosts a three-day Expo jam-packed with all the gadgets, goodies, eye-candy, and bonus classes/workshops from all the coolest Photoshop and photography-related industries!

Plus, the Expo floor is the place to be for all the action! You never know who you'll run into there... Aside from rubbing elbows with your instructors, you just may wind up on a roving episode of PhotoshopUserTV or find yourself in one of our awesome closing ceremony videos.

Where can you get a first look at tomorrow's, mind-blowing Photoshop technology? At the Photoshop World Expo!

Browse the latest hardware, software, cameras, printers, and more from the biggest names in the business for three innovation-filled days. The Expo Exhibit Hall is where you'll get face-to-face with the industry's leading developers to check out all of the latest plug-ins, digital cameras, scanners, printers, peripherals, imaging software, hardware, storage devices, and transport cases.

Along with all the gadgets, goodies, and eye-candy, there are also bonus classes and workshops held in the Tech Expo theatres that add a fantastic educational bonus to your Expo experience!

Also, while you're at the Expo, make sure you stop by the Official Photoshop World/Peachpit Bookstore to purchase the hottest books and DVDs at an incredible discount, as well as limited edition themed Photoshop World gear. And don't forget to stop by Help Desk Live to get answers to your Photoshop puzzles.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photoshop World - Reason #5 To Go!

Pre-Con Workshops

Honestly, of all the reasons, THIS is the main reason I want to go to Photoshop World.

To go out and shoot with Moose Peterson and Joe McNally on in studio with Eddie Tapp and Jack Reznicki? - shut up I'm there! I've already done the wedding shoot with David Ziser and it's awesome! The Peterson-McNally Photo Safari is always booked - but one day!

For those of you interested in in-depth training, the day before the conference is completely dedicated to the "pre-con workshops." In addition to the always-popular wedding photo shoot, live studios, and NAPP Photo Safari mentioned above, this year they plan to offer five brand new pre-cons that include a hands-on, "real world HDR" session with Matt Kloskowski, a live fashion shoot with Kevin Ames, and a skill-building class, perfect for beginners, on Photoshop selections and masking with Dave Cross.

In addition, all pre-con attendees receive a pre-con workbook containing all available instructor notes (at print time) for every class! Pre-conference workshops are a great way to kick-start your Photoshop World experience. These special workshops are only open to registered attendees of Photoshop World and require a separate fee at registration.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photoshop World - Reason #6 To Go!

Midnight Madness

We're not talking about some over-rated glorified basketball practice, nor an 80's album by Night Ranger here! No, we're talking about the legendary after hours party at Photoshop World, where the only thing promised is that you will NOT learn anything about Photoshop! There are always many fabulous prizes to win, as long as you don't mind getting singled out a little. Bring your coffee mug and your sense of humor!

But you have to move fast. Tickets for Midnight Madness are available at Photoshop World on a first-come, first-served basis. However, these tickets go FAST and people have been known to camp out for them.

This night of no-holds-barred Photoshop mayhem is definitely the hottest ticket at the conference - delivering non-stop music, madness, contests, and partying is hosted by the conference ringmaster himself, Scott Kelby.

The only way you go is to A) Attend Photoshop World and B) be lucky enough to secure one of the 200 tickets to be given away. So, get in line outside of Hall C because starting at 7:30 am they’ll be handing out tickets.