Monday, August 31, 2009

Introducing the Strobist Gel Packs

OK, I don't have permission to repost the article here, but there's a line in the post that says "I want to see them succeed and I hope you'll support them, too" - that sums up exactly how I feel, so I'm redirecting today's post over to David Hobby.


Oh, and sorry about Friday's post. Today is my daughter's birthday (hence the brevity), and we celebrated on Sat. Thus there was just way too much work to be done on Friday. I never even made it down to my computer.

See you tomorrow,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This one's for my photography friends...

I will be participating in Help – Portrait in our area this December, and I’ll give you more details as things move ahead, but I think this is just a fantastic way for us all to give back to those less fortunate this Holiday Season. This kind of stuff is really what it’s all about, so I hope you’ll visit and get involved.

See you tomorrow!

On the path to EnLIGHTenment

So I'm on this kick lately to better balance flash with ambient lighting, and I found an excellent sight for this kind of thing. Honestly, I found it awhile back and read it religiously, but until recently, read is all I did. Now I'm going back and trying this stuff, and man is it fun! I'm hooked!

This site is called and it's run by David Hobby - an ex-newspaper photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun. David has a very easy going and witty style that makes you feel so welcome and willing to participate. His sight does a great job of explaining and teaching the concept, and then he actually gives assignments to reinforce what he's saying. He's even set up a group to post your shots and share with others. Imagine the feedback you get from over a hundred thousand viewers!

David's about my age, which helps me feel like I'm learning from a friend. I purchased his instructional DVD set and I'm devouring it like crazy (the above photograph was inspired one of the tutorials on the DVD's), and as I mentioned I've gone back through his site and cataloged all the teachings and assignments from his Lighting 101 and 102 series as well as his Boot Camp I and II series. It's just really well done stuff. The Strobist is a very well thought out, very well done blog. The photo world is a better place because of David Hobby, and I don't think it would it be far off to say that he is among the most influential photographers today!

Well done David!

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matt: Senior

Some people have it all... and that makes me happy. Let me introduce to you Matt. Is it just me or does he have a Lance Armstrong look going on?!? Anyway, Matt's a bonafide stud! Good looking, extremely nice mannered, star athlete, and oh! did I mention - he was MY ring-bearer 14 years ago!?!

It was my extreme pleasure to shoot Matt's senior pictures a few months ago. Matt was GREAT to work with - had three outfit changes and a positive attitude. We shot in four or five locations around Tarboro, and I couldn't ask for a better subject! Most senior boys want this over with as soon as possible, and I'm sure Matt did too, but I never got that from his expression and demeanor. Wherever I asked Matt to go all I got was "yes sir."

Matt was also a photographer's dream in that he didn't want the traditional portrait. Matt wanted a collage of all his pictures in a giant 20x30 Standout print. (We photogs love getting to try out new stuff!) Stand Outs are like really thick posters - a print mounted on 1.5 inches of Gatorfoam (Styrofoam) that is super light and easy to hang! And it turned out GREAT!

Matt - thanks for the privilege to shoot your senior pictures! I'll shoot you anytime!

See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to a Blog Re-vamped!


I started this blog awhile back and had great intentions, but life got in the way. But in an effort to put my best foot forward, I'm rededicating this blog and my efforts to it! I promise to make some kind of effort here Monday thru Friday from here on out. I'm also going to try and post an new image here as often as possible in an effort to keep me practicing! Something I recommend for all of you btw - no matter your craft - you should be practicing daily!

Anyway, what can you expect from this blog? Well, updates from Chris Barnes Photography, news, anecdotes, teachings, specials and mindless ramblings from time to time.

If you're new to the blog - welcome! If you've stuck with me all along - God Bless you and welcome back!

See you tomorrow!