Saturday, May 3, 2008

Farewell from Cincinnati...And A Personal Thank You

I'm sitting in the airport in Cincinnati, and the past week is still swirling through my head - and it occurs to me that I need to do a public/personal Thank You...

I felt the need to let you, LaDawn, Jennifer, Geoffrey, Staci, Nick, Sharon and anyone else from your wonderful staff know that I had a great experience at your Digital Master Class. Your warmheartedness, caring and willingness to open your home, business and personal lives with 20+ relative strangers made for an incredible week. I feel I have formed lifelong friendships. I wish I was more articulate to express my gratitude as "Thank You" doesn't quite seem to be enough. I hope our paths cross many more times. God Bless you all.

Now back to the rest of you... ;-)

I spent the week telling you how you should be signing up for David's class. I hope you know now how superb David's Digital Master class is. Like Scott Kelby (the Grand Poo-Bah himself) says, "attending David's classes are like standing there watching David shove money in your pockets." However, I say all that to say this...

If Digital ProTalk is not on your daily reading list, then make sure you catch up on the week of posts on the weekend. If you're not doing that, well then put your camera down - you might not be worthy of using it! Seriously folks, subscribe yourself and make it required reading.

With that, my boarding call has just been announced...farewell Cincinnati, it's been a blast!

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David Ziser said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks again for being part of the class. And a great big "Thank You" for blogging the class. I think it gives a great insight to what we were up to for the week.
All the Best, -David