Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 5 - David Ziser's Digital Master's Class

I'm so sad.... I can't believe's over! Here's one more of Sarah in the pose a majority of the class voted as their favorite (I personally liked the one out at Dree's Pavilion, but hey... that's what's so cool about photography - there's no right or wrong, just a personal preference.) She descending the staircase at the Marriott in Cincinnati, and it is a lovely pose.

Today's Recap:

Well I'm back to wrap up one amazing week. We finished the door prize drawings, if you haven't figured it out by now, everybody wins something. Today was the big day of prizes - there were two B&H Photo gift certificates given away, and the nicest prize of the week was about a $200 collection of NIK Software plug-ins for Photoshop!

Several people had to catch early flights home, so David began the day on the run. We covered how to use the best flash light we could, and saw examples of how on camera flash has a real hard time making people pretty. There are some tricks to make it better, but nothing to make it great. We then covered off camera flash, bare bulb lighting, room lights, multiple lighting setups, and how David typically shoots a wedding and reception.

Then due to people leaving we had a graduation ceremony. David thanked his staff publicly for the huge effort to make this week an awesome week. Then he called each of us up individually and thanked us for coming and presented us with a graduation certificate and class photo.

After some brief goodbye's, we were right back into the materials covering lens selections and how to use them in what scenario in shooting a wedding, shooting in available light, shooting digital, and backup options.

We wrapped the class by covering David's $elling Process and Salesflow. We got to see EVERYTHING about how David sells to his clients. David even shared his contracts and price lists with us. I'm telling you the man shared every single aspect of his business with us all week.

Then it was hugs and handshakes all around and even a few teary goodbyes! A few of us went to lunch together for one last hoo-rah. Then a few of us came back to the hotel where I hosted a little Photoshop tutorial till around 5:00pm.

It was an absolute blast, I learned a ton. I made a bunch of new friends and contacts around the country, and I'm leaving charged up. This was an awesome opportunity and I once again recommend it to anyone. If you do sign up to take his class, please do mention my name. Yes, I get a small reward, but it would be neat for both David and I to know how you got there.

I'll be back Monday with something new. I hope you've had a good time reading this this week. Thanks for your attention...

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