Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 4 - David Ziser's Digital Master's Class

Well, once again it's way past 10:00pm and I'm just getting to the PC to blog. Mainly because since 6:30 we've been enjoying a wonderful dinner party at the Ziser house. The food, friendship, camaraderie and fun, made for a truly magical evening. More on that in a bit...

Today's recap:

The day began with another round of door prize giveaways and image reviews. The biggest thing I can remember given away today was a very nice book of merit images from the PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

David then started the day of with a quick finish of the Powerpoint presentation from yesterday, and then went right into the Photoshop section of the class. David demo'd the things he does every day in his studio to fix images. It was nice to see clean, down to earth no frills edits that didn't take all day to get the job done.

After lunch we did a nice long look into Marketing and growing your business. It was very informative and I learned a ton! Some of the ideas I had already thought of or learned from other blogs, but most of it was very enlightening.

Late this afternoon we had a representative from ArtLeather come in and give a introduction to their product and offer us some really nice discounts. Then we actually wrapped early to get to the dinner party at David's home.

The dinner party was awesome, we gathered for drinks and a class photo and then were treated to a delicious dinner of salmon, chicken, pork, vegetable lasagna, rosemary potatoes, some vegetable dishes, croissant rolls and a full rack of deserts. Or model bride and awfully sweet girl, Sarah Dupuy (featured above) was there with her REAL fiance Steven. And we all sat out on the deck laughing, talking, and having a grand time until it was time to go. I was so envious as the house was wide open and we sat outdoors all night and never saw the first bug! If we had done that in North Carolina the house would be filled with bugs and the guests would be a mosquito buffet. Needless to say it was very nice.

And now I sit here. Hardly believing that it all ends tomorrow at noon. It has been so much fun, and so educational. I'm ready to go home and take on the world now, and I highly recommend if you're presented the opportunity - you make every effort to come take this class. (And if you do mention my name when you register!)

I'll blog tomorrow's day too, don't worry! But I have been extremely honored by Terri "I got to get these opossums up to Monterey" Nowling and a few other classmates as they have asked me to stick around tomorrow and give them a little impromptu Photoshop class. Terri's been a neat classmate as she's wanted all week to be on somebody's blog - mainly David's, but somebody's! Well there you go Terri, you've been blogged. Terri acts like she doens't know much, but we've seen some of her work and she's doing just fine. Look for big things from "In The Now Photography" in the very near future!

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