Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On the path to EnLIGHTenment

So I'm on this kick lately to better balance flash with ambient lighting, and I found an excellent sight for this kind of thing. Honestly, I found it awhile back and read it religiously, but until recently, read is all I did. Now I'm going back and trying this stuff, and man is it fun! I'm hooked!

This site is called and it's run by David Hobby - an ex-newspaper photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun. David has a very easy going and witty style that makes you feel so welcome and willing to participate. His sight does a great job of explaining and teaching the concept, and then he actually gives assignments to reinforce what he's saying. He's even set up a group to post your shots and share with others. Imagine the feedback you get from over a hundred thousand viewers!

David's about my age, which helps me feel like I'm learning from a friend. I purchased his instructional DVD set and I'm devouring it like crazy (the above photograph was inspired one of the tutorials on the DVD's), and as I mentioned I've gone back through his site and cataloged all the teachings and assignments from his Lighting 101 and 102 series as well as his Boot Camp I and II series. It's just really well done stuff. The Strobist is a very well thought out, very well done blog. The photo world is a better place because of David Hobby, and I don't think it would it be far off to say that he is among the most influential photographers today!

Well done David!

See you tomorrow!

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