Friday, October 17, 2008

If you missed the last good deal on Memory Cards...

I've gotten wind again of a hot deal on Sandisk cards at Adorama. Hot on the heels of a popular rebate program, Sandisk and Adorama are back with a new pre-paid Visa card rebate program that starts October 12, 2008 and ends January 17, 2009. So if you missed the previous rebate, you are in luck, the new one is ready to go! The terms state "limit three cards per redemption claim. Limit three claims per household". This is promotion #59051.

Note that the new promotion has a different set of cards, namely, with the addition of Extreme IV cards. Also note that these are buy-more save-more rebates. The price listed in each column is the total price after rebate, not the price per individual card.

Sandisk CompactFlash Rebate specials at Adorama
CF Memory CardBuy OneBuy TwoBuy Three
4gb Extreme III$28 (after $10 rebate)$46 (after $30 rebate)$54 (after $60 rebate)
8gb Extreme III$45 (after $15 rebate)$85 (after $35 rebate)$110 (after $70 rebate)
4gb Extreme IV$50 (after $20 rebate)$90 (after $50 rebate)$120 (after $90 rebate)
8gb Extreme IV$89 (after $40 rebate)$165 (after $95 rebate)$240 (after $150 rebate)
16gb Extreme IV$195 (after $45 rebate)$380 (after $100 rebate)$520 (after $200 rebate)

Sandisk SD/SDHC Rebate specials at Adorama
SDHC Memory CardBuy OneBuy TwoBuy Three
4gb Extreme III$39 (after $10 rebate)$68 (after $30 rebate)$87 (after $60 rebate)
8gb Extreme III$45 (after $15 rebate)$85 (after $35 rebate)$110 (after $70 rebate)
16gb Extreme III$120 (after $20 rebate)$230 (after $50 rebate)$320 (after $100 rebate)

I've tried to do the math accurately, but please double-check on your own to be sure! If you notice any errors, please let us know!

Please read the terms and conditions carefully and note that this is a prepaid Visa card rebate, not a check you can cash at the bank. As always with rebates, make sure you make copies of everything you submit, follow-up and follow-through. If you hate rebates, don't do this, unless you are committed to the rebate process!

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