Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Great Deal!

This is one of the rare buy-more save-more promotions. Adorama has new specials on the mail-in prepaid Visa card rebate promotion. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions in the rebate form before purchasing. The rebates expire on October 11, and the promotion is while-supplies-last.

As you can see, these are great deals, because the more cards you buy, the less you pay, sometimes you pay the same price (after rebate) for three cards as you would for one card! But if you hate rebates, make sure you are committed to the rebate process, otherwise spare yourself the frustration.

The prices listed under "Buy Two" and "Buy Three" are the total prices if you buy two or three cards respectively.

Sandisk CompactFlash Rebate specials at Adorama
CF Memory CardBuy OneBuy TwoBuy Three
16gb Extreme III CompactFlash$25 (after $90 rebate)$45 (after $190 rebate)$45 (after $300 rebate)
8gb Extreme III CompactFlash$20 (after $40 rebate)$20 (after $100 rebate)$20 (after $160 rebate)
4gb Extreme III CompactFlash$18 (after $20 rebate)$26 (after $50 rebate)$34 (after $80 rebate)
2gb Extreme III CompactFlash$15 (after $10 rebate)$20 (after $30 rebate)$25 (after $50 rebate)
4gb Ducati Extreme CompactFlash$25 (after $45 rebate)$40 (after $100 rebate)$50 (after $160 rebate)
8gb Ducati Express CompactFlash$45 (after $75 rebate)$80 (after $160 rebate)$110 (after $250 rebate)

Sandisk SD/SDHC Rebate specials at Adorama
SDHC Memory CardBuy OneBuy TwoBuy Three
4gb Extreme III SDHC$18 (after $20 rebate)$31 (after $45 rebate)$39 (after $75 rebate)
8gb Extreme III SDHC$25 (after $35 rebate)$40 (after $80 rebate)$50 (after $130 rebate)

This is a preloaded Visa card rebate
Please note that this is a preloaded Visa gift card rebate, not a cold cash check. You can use it the same way you use a Visa card, but you obviously can't go to the bank and cash it.

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Anonymous said...

This was soooo worthwhile! Thanks Chris for letting us in on these deals... My CFs should be here today or tomorrow. :)