Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jayci Smith - Senior

She's magnetic. As in, Jayci draws people into her sphere, and she's cute enough to placed--in miniature form--on your refrigerator.

I met Jayci online back this summer when she approached me to take her Senior pictures. At the time, I did not have the drape required by her school, and sadly, I lost the opportunity to photograph her.
Fast forward a few months. I needed fresh new shots< for my website and marketing promotion I was about to kick off, and I wanted to do something different. I was tired of the 'usual' head and shoulders Senior shot. So I called Jayci to see if she'd be interested in modeling for the shoot. I explained that I would be asking her for some weird locations and poses. She seemed excited and we agreed to meet one day when she was out of school.Jayci was AWESOME! Such a cool girl - very striking and had gorgeous eyes, and she could talk with her eyes as well as anyone I've ever met! Photographer's know just how cool this is, and men better watch out! If I asked for a smile, I got it (without the cheese you get from a fake smile), when I wanted serious, I got it. She was a true angel to photograph. We shot from 2:00pm until almost 7:00pm - and I put her in some strange locations including rusted and rickety stairways, back alleys, trash dumps, tobacco barns, laundromats, and even turn the water hose on her! She braved it all and we came away with some really cool shots.I loved the time I spent with Jayci, and I hope she'll call me again when she needs pictures taken.

See you Monday,


Cindy Meyer said...

Jayci is so beautiful and photogenic! I told her she needs to be modeling! Great job Chris! Your pictures are absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...


Chris Barnes said...

Thanks Cindy and Whoever you are!