Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tip Tuesday - Adding Canvas Using the Crop Tool

OK, so I forgot Monday was a holiday and I chose to spend it with family - hope you will forgive me! But, now we're on to Tuesday which means Tip Tuesday!

To use the Crop tool to add canvas to your image, drag out a crop and release the mouse. Then, drag the crop handles outside of the image area and apply the crop. The area outside of the image will be added to the canvas. To keep the same aspect ratio, add in the shift key as you drag a corner. To add area to all four sides, hold the ALT key, to add the same amount all around the image while keeping the aspect ration, add in the SHIFT and ALT keys!

Note: to add transparency around the image (instead of filling the added space with the background color) convert the Background into a layer by selecting Layer > New > Layer From Background (or by double clicking on the word Background in the Layers panel).

See you tomorrow,

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