Friday, November 14, 2008

PhotoshopWorld - Reason #10 To Go!

Portfolio Reviews and Help Desk LIVE!

Hey guys, I'm dying to go to this year's Photoshop World Conference in Boston, Mass March 25-27, 2009. So, I'm going to be passing on to you the Top Ten reason's I'd like to go. Today is entry #10 - the Portfolio Review and Help Desk LIVE!

First, if you don't know about Photoshop World it's the bi-annual conference on all things Photoshop put on by NAPP. If you don't know about NAPP , where have you been - I talk about it everyday in class!

Since my photography and digital imaging business is in it's nubile beginnings, what better thing have happen to me than the industry leaders and Photoshop gods look over my work and give me feedback?!? That alone would be worth the trip, but trust me - there's oh so much more! Ever been walking down the street and need to know an answer right then? Sure you have, we all do it. Well, if I was at Photoshop World and that happened - I could get an answer! Well, maybe I could... If the question was on Photoshop, I KNOW I could!

Hey, this is going to be fun. Stick around and see what other reasons I come up with!

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