Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Photography This Year

If you're into photography (and I know you are if you're here), do yourself a favor and stop what you're doing right now, go get in the car and drive to your local bookstore - or click your favorite book dealer online and order Joe McNally’s, The Moment it Clicks: Photographer Secrets from one of the world’s best shooters (Published by New Riders). Advertised as a book that has One foot on the coffee table, and one foot in the classroom. - It's one of the greatest books to come out on photography in a long time!

There's a quote in the book where Joe talks about every photographer needing a hero - and Joe's it for me (and I kinda love Moose Peterson too!)

I gotta tell ya; if it was just a coffee table photo book, it would be worth it just for the incredible photos alone. If it it was just a book of Joe’s amazing stories, or the “how to get a shot like this” sidebars, or just those little nuggets of photography wisdom he gleaned from a life behind the lens, it would be worth it to get any one of those. But he gave us all four. One foot on the coffee table, and one foot in the classroom. I don’t know how he pulled it off—but he did—in a big way.

This sounds cliché, but I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I literally took it to lunch with me. I'm not going to ruin any part of it for you, but there's a picture in there that's less than appetizing. I'm reading away and the waitress comes up and says -"That's really something to be looking at while you eat!" I kept reading.

It's winning awards and zooming up the charts of all books as I type. It's already had to go back for a second printing!

Go people, NOW! Why are you still here reading my blog? (But do come back tomorrow!)

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