Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photowalk March 8 in Washington DC

The following is posted from Jeff Revell's blog:
I am looking for interested parties who want to participate in a PhotoWalk in the Washington DC area. Not the monuments and buildings that have been shot by oh so many tourists (including me) but some of the less frequented, but just as interesting locations around the city. I haven’t nailed down a date or time or route yet but I am looking at March 8th. I am already counting in Mike & Mike but I would love to hear from others in the area that are interested. As I said, the date and time is not set so if you have alternate suggestions, please let me know. I was just over at Photowalking.org looking at the wrap-up from the Bethesda photowalk this past weekend and they had 26 photographers show up, including Scott Sherman from the Digital Photography Show Podcast.

In conjunction with the walk, I have set up a Flickr Group to upload images and discuss the walk (click here to go to the group). Not sure what a photowalk is? It’s really pretty simple, grab your camera and any other photogear you might find essential, your comfortable walking shoes, and a spirit of adventure. Add some other enthusiastic photographers, an interesting location, and start clicking. That’s about all there is to it. It’s really just a way to get out, take some photos of things you find interesting along the way and then share them with others that share your passion. No critiques, just mutual inspiration and maybe at the end, a little coffee and pie. Mmmmmm, pie! So if you are interested, drop me a comment here on the blog or head on over to the Flickr Group. The more, the merrier.

If you're interested - pop on over. That's my mom's birthday weekend, but I may go if she celebrates on another day.

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rodneyg said...

Man, I would love to go but I'll be in Beijing on a business trip. I hope to get some good pics there to share with the group. We're trying to get a side trip to the Great Wall.

If anyone is interested in going up during the cherry blossom season, let me know!