Monday, January 21, 2008

I Think It Was A Success!

Good Morning Everyone! Fresh off the first class, I awake to think this was a success. A rainy and messy day didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits and made for some really incredible prints. I have already received many nice emails and I thank you for them all!

Good News! I finally figured out what was wrong with the printer and your prints are rolling off the printer as I type! I forgot to mention to my Point and Shoot friends that your print will only be as big as your camera will allow. Didn't want anyone to be confused when their picture didn't fill the 13x19 inch piece of paper, but look at it this way, you already got part of your matting taken care of!

Congratulations to the winners of the impromptu contest! I wish I could have awarded everyone something as I was truly inspired by your works. Very impressed with your skills and think you are all on your way to becoming great photographers. Keep up the good work and continue to apply those skills you learned on Saturday. KEEP SHOOTING!!

Some of the responses on Saturday have gotten me thinking and I'm working on a part two of this class that's more field work. Stay tuned!

I'll start showcasing your work tomorrow!

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