Wednesday, June 9, 2010

North Carolina Falls and Foliage Photography Workshop

As promised, here is the official announcement of our North Carolina Falls and Foliage Photography Workshop!

Come join us for jam-packed days of photographing all that the North Carolina mountains have to o­ffer - i­ncluding W­aterfalls, Fall foliage, White Squirrels, the Blue Ridge Parkway and much more! Workshop will include in-field instruction and classroom presentation from Jamie Konarski Davidson, professional freelance nature photographer, and Chris Barnes, professional photographer and Adobe Certified Instructor. Prepare to be filled to overflowing with amazing photo opportunities, learning and sharing with fellow photographers.

We will be taking you to some of the most beautiful, yet e­asily accessible locations in western North Carolina. The locations we will be visiting have been carefully selected for their unique ­characteristics, easy accessi­bility, and captivating formations. All hiking will be “easy to moderate level”, come ­p­­repared.

Few things in the natural world are as awe-inspiring as the sight of water pouring off the side of a high stone ledge and clamoring into a rocky pool beneath. Though our first inclination may be to simply stand and marvel, we’re going to be there to photograph these incredible wonders!

On this workshop we will explore a land that offers over 250 waterfalls and countless streams that have taken centuries to carve the very faces of the mountains. A temperate rain forest supports some of the rarest plant and animal species on the planet. We will likely have opportunity to photograph white squirrels - whose population started from a pair of white squirrels on the lam from a traveling carn­ival in the 1950s and now spans generations.
In short, this is a place like no other on earth. Fall foliage will only serve to enhance the experience. Won’t you join us for an extended weekend capturing some of the most beautiful scenes imaginable?

Learning Opportunities in the Field and in the Classroom
Our first night will include an orientation program that covers where we will be going, waterfall safety, and how to capture images that you’ll be proud and thrilled to take home and share. Most of our days will be spent shooting in the field, including plenty of hands-on instruction such as practical techniques for capturing waterfalls and moving water, filter tips and tricks, High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques, and more.

Back at the hotel, our evenings will include Adobe Lightroom basics, HDR processing techniques, and plenty of image presentations and critiques. A list of recommended equipment and supplies will be provided so you’ll be ready for the adventure.

See the brochure for the registration form and all the information you should need. There is no web sign-up, you need to complete the form and send to Jamie. Dropping us an email to tell us you've sent your money would be appreciated too.

Thanks for your continued interest, and I look forward to seeing many of you in the Fall!

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