Friday, August 1, 2008

PhotoWalk - August 23rd !!

OK - It can be announced! The Saturday August 23rd thing is a WORLDWIDE Photowalk! And we're part of it right here in Rocky Mount, NC! I've been selected to host the walk in this area and I'm pumped! Part of my responsibilities however is to promote the devil outta this thing, so sign up today as it is limited to 50 participants. And heck, IT'S FREE!!!

There are VERY NICE prizes involved and it's a great social event as well, so come join us!

If you don't know what a photowalk is, click here.

To sign up for my walk, click here.

To read about the whole worldwide event and see the prizes, click here.

Oh, and spread the word! Tell any and everyone about this! Thanks! Hope to see you there!

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